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It's time for PIM

With the ever growing online commerce, multiple sales channels and various opportunities to reach potential customers, a good customer experience is no longer a "nice to have" - it's a need to have.

Struct PIM features & benefits

Every feature in Struct PIM is purposefully designed to enable businesses to work efficiently and painlessly with product information - all in one single place. Explore the features that makes Struct PIM the most powerful PIM system in the world

Build any product data model

Struct PIM has a powerful built-in flexibility that allows you to create any product data model you need in your business. All with a building block-like flexibility without ever having to touch code.

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Find & manage products and variants

With its advanced search engine and powerful bulk and mass editing abilities, Struct PIM is super fast and enjoyable to work with for any one of your teams involved with product information management. 

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Track progress with custom dashboards

With personal or shared dashboards you have the ability to create custom tailored workflows, which helps you increase productivity by keeping everyone on track with the product enrichment progress.

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Connect with anything externally

Struct PIM connects to any other business critical system in your arsenal, such as ERP’s or E-commerce platforms. Either through our growing list of standard connectors or our REST API. We've got you covered!

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Handle security & user permissions

Struct PIM keeps all of your product data safe with automatic backups and offers the ability to control which users or groups of users can access what and whether they have editing abilities, down to a single attribute.

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A PIM with benefits

Unlimited everything

Struct wants your business to thrive and grow. That's why we don't place limitations on users, product catalogues, media assets and more. All Struct PIM license plans come with the following unlimited features

* The amount of asset files and folders are always unlimited on any license plan. On certain cloud hosted plans we do however have generous asset and data storage limits that you can safely upgrade and downgrade from according to your needs. Our cloud hosting options are powered by Azure and fully scalable.

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