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It's time for PIM

With the ever growing online commerce, multiple sales channels and various opportunities to reach potential customers, a good customer experience is no longer a "nice to have" - it's a need to have.

A good customer experience requires great and consistent product presentations wherever and whenever your customers meet you.

You need a way to manage your product information and optimize it for success across every channel - without sacrificing security, flexibility or control.


Here's why you need a PIM

Who will benefit

Struct PIM puts you in control

Struct PIM is the complete PIM solution that enables you to deliver a dazzling product experience

Struct PIM gives you control over your product information and enables you to manage very large product catalogs with complex information. Struct PIM provides a number of unique tools that make the daily work of your product information a breeze.

Flexible Data Modeling

Struct PIM is one of the most flexible PIM systems in the market and stands out for its unique ability to solve even the most complex business needs in relation to product information and workflows. The dynamic product model makes it possible to add new fields, catalogs, rules, etc. with a user-friendly interface, all without the need for programming.

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Easy to use

In order to work efficient the usability needs to be at ease, which is why Struct PIM is “Best in class”, when it comes to user friendliness, much thanks to Umbraco's standard technology. 

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Connects to anything

Efficiently aggregating data from various internal data sources— such as CRMs, ERP software, hard drives, suppliers, external partners, and syndicators is crucial for enterprise data integration. We've got you covered!

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Blazing fast

A good PIM system must be fast and Struct PIM is blazing fast. Searching for products, mass updating thousands of products, creating new directories - all done in seconds.

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Scalable on every parameter

Struct PIM is used in highly agile global environments and at huge companies with millions of pages, digital assets and products, hundreds of editors and millions of monthly visitors.

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Extends to the clouds

Struct PIM can be used as a SaaS, which means zero concerns for you and your backbone. We'll handle the trouble.

More Struct PIM features 

Struct PIM offers a sophisticated management of your product attributes by letting product groups decide which attributes each product needs. Create and manage these in one place, and let PIM reuse the attributes throughout all the products. 

With different approaches on how to navigate through products it's always easy for editors to find their specific needs with a PIM. Struct PIM presents product information in logic ways with differentiated tabs, so the editor gain full overview of the data.  

With Struct PIM it's possible to set up an approval flow which requires confirmation before products and product hierarchies can be published. In PIM you can set up and manage who can save, confirm and publish changes.  

Struct PIM logs all changes that are made in the system, and by the press of one button you can easily check which changes that are made on your products, product groups, attributes and by whom and when these changes have been made. 

Struct PIM has a built-in management of numerous languages. Translation to various languages are therefore easily handled through the PIM translation module. 

An efficient workflow requires a good overview at all times. Therefore Struct PIM is designed with various tools to secure overview. This includes to-do lists, task allocation, notification and reporting. 

With Struct PIM list management you can connect your inventory list with your products, and gain full overview through a hierarchy structure which is easily maintainable.  

Struct PIM can facilitate your product lifecycle from its origin to its outphasing. This feature lets you manage which users who can work with the product depending on their lifecycle state. 

With global lists its easy to create new lists with content that refers directly to other places in PIM. This secures that data enriched to PIM isn't duplicated and thus can be maintained in one place. 

Users in PIM can be created and administrated directly from the PIM interface. From here it's possible to control which user rights each user has. What kind of information a user can save on the product, if the user can confirm certain informations on a product, administrate product hierarchies and global lists can therefore easily be managed from this interface. 

The mediabank makes it easy to store pictures and files, which easily can be drag-and-dropped. Once these pictures and files are in the system, it can be used throughout all of your PIM. 

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