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Build any product data model you can imagine

  • No-code product data modeling
  • Building block-like flexibility
  • If you can think it, you can build it
No-code product data modeling

Build your product data models using our no-code data modeling engine

Create tabs, sections and properties

All the building blocks of data modeling are at your disposal in a no-code interface. Move them around as you wish

Product, variant and category models

The data model engine is not only used for product data models but also for your variant data models and category data models

Building block-like flexibility

Utilize the entire palette of different field types to build your attributes in minutes

Build your properties as you go

Your properties can consist of any data type, like text, number or date. But also dynamic references to other attributes or entities in Struct PIM

Property settings right at your fingertips

When you set up properties you also decide on whether or not the property is localizable, segmentable and of course permission settings

Unlimited product data models

Create custom data models for each unique product type in your business

One product data model or many

Some businesses only need one product data model while others need one for each product type that should have its own editing experience

Ultimate data modeling flexibility

The combination of product data models and their relationship with variation definitions and category references gives you ultimate data modeling ability

A better product editing experience

Create perfect product editing experiences for each product type

Product editing pages with no extra fat

With custom tailored product data models your product editing pages will have just the properties and fields relevant for the product type. None of the extra fat!

Creates clarity for product editors

Your product editing pages are probably the most frequented destination in your PIM. A relevant "no fat" editing experience for makes Struct PIM fun and enjoyable to work with for the people involved

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