Struct PIM Add-On: Publications

Turn your Struct PIM product data into Publications

  • Auto-generate custom PDF publications
  • Dynamic product data from Struct PIM
  • Works with Indesign / EasyCatalog
Easy template management

Create and preview any number of templates right within Struct PIM

Any number of templates

Create any number of template right within Struct PIM using the built-in editor

Preview the template design

You can preview your template design using any of your products as 'data placeholders'

Different types of templates

Built-in support for single page, multi page or data only templates

Many different use cases

Perfect for things like product data sheets, downloadable assets or even multi page catalogues

Data only templates for outside layout/design

Data only templates (e.g. XML, JSON and so on) for outside layout and design control

Generate publications instantly

Go from product search to generated PDF in a few seconds

From product search to PDF in a few clicks

You can go from product search to published PDF in a few clicks. Works with one or multiple products

Generate PDF's dynamically on the fly

You can also use the Struct API to generate PDF's on the fly. Typical use case is ecommerce sites where users click a "Download product sheet" button

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