Struct PIM Add-on: AI assistant

Effortless, unlimited content creation at your fingertips

  • Unlock the power of AI within Struct PIM
  • High-quality content for your products
  • Powerful bulk generation abilities
Step 1

Toggle ON AI Assistant

Step 2

Setup your command prompts

Step 3

Interact and iterate through chat

Insider tip

Generate product descriptions in bulk

Empower your business with Struct PIM's AI Assistant

Unlimited creativity at your fingertips

The AI Assistant provides you with endless creative possibilities, removing the frustration of writer's block and sparking inspiration with ease

Ensure highest quality output

Finetune your way to the highest quality output with customizable prompts or through the instant chat-based iterative process you know from ChatGPT

Catch errors or spelling mistakes

The AI Assistant provides you with a valuable second opinion, helping to catch any errors, mistakes or omissions in your product descriptions

Create unique content every time

AI Assistant can help you differentiate your products from competitors by creating unique, compelling product descriptions - every time

Free up valuable time for your team

Free up your team's creative energy for more high-level tasks, such as marketing and strategy. Your team's overall productivity will increase

Customizable to your brand's tone and style

Customize the output to suit your brand's tone and style. Want your messaging to be formal? Check. Want it to be witty or full of banter? You got it!

Content generation at scale

The AI Assistant makes it easy to scale your content creation even as your product catalog grows or you enter new markets in their native languages

Leverage product data for content.

The AI Assistant can be set up to utilize existing product data within Struct PIM to generate highly engaging and accurate product descriptions

Consistent messaging across channels

By using the AI Assistant to create product descriptions, you can ensure consistent messaging across all of your marketing channels

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