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Track progress with custom dashboards

  • Track the enrichment progress
  • Personal or shared dashboards
  • Drag n' drop KPI widgets
Configurable dashboards

Keep track of product enrichment progress using custom dashboards

Multiple dashboard tabs

Multiple dashboards tabs, each including the reporting widgets you need to surface the KPI's you and your team needs for full clarity and peace of mind

Drag and drop, resize, move around

You will feel right at home in your Struct PIM dashboards, where you can 'furnish' your dashboards tabs just as you like. Feel free to resize widgets or move them around for the ultimate feng shui dashboard experience

Drag n' drop widgets

Use any of the over 17 available KPI widgets to surface any metric you want to track

17+ reporting widgets

With 17 (and counting) reporting widgets, you have everything you need to surface the KPI metrics you need to track the enrichment progress

Widget specific settings

Each widgets comes with its own settings that can be dialed in to your liking with with things like colorizations, search filters and of course header sections

Workflow management

Setup custom workflows relevant to individual users or product types

Powerful workflow management

With workflow management you can create custom tailored SOP's (standard operating procedures) for the enrichment of every product type or user group

Workflow states available as search filter

Workflow states are available as search filters and even as dashboard widgets so that you can really harvest this powerful feature

Personal or shared dashboards

Your dashboard tabs can be personalized to each user or shared to keep the entire team on track

Personal dashboard tabs

Meaning you and only you can access the dashboards tabs set as personal. This is perfect for limiting accessibility of certain dashboard tabs

Shared dashboard tabs

When you add a shared tab, you allow other users to add the tab to their dashboard area. This is perfect for keeping everyone on track with what needs to be done

Track progress on products

Create full clarity around what is missing on each product with granular progress tracking

Enrichment insights on the product edit pages

With enrichment insights you and your PIM editors have a detailed overview of the enrichment progress on the edit pages as well as on your search results page as filterable columns

Fully customizable for each product type

You can create as many enrichment insights as you need and you have full flexibility when it comes to deciding which fields count towards ' 100% enrichment'

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