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Connect with any external system in your arsenal

  • Growing list of pre-built connectors
  • Make your product data accessible via API
  • Developers ❤️️ working with Struct PIM
Standard connectors

A growing list of standard connectors to some of the most popular systems

Standard connectors

A standard connector is like a plugin that in many cases eliminates the need for custom integrations through our API

Granular PIM data mapping

Each connector is built to allow seamless integration between Struct PIM and the platform in question

Flexible rest API

Build powerful custom integrations through our well-documented REST API

API with full access to Struct PIM

Almost everything you can do in Struct PIM you can also do programmatically through our headless API. Extremely powerful in the right hands

Well-documented with examples

We've documented every single endpoint and even created a 'Product viewer' learning app published through bitbucket with a fully working API integration - perfect for your developers to learn from

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