Here's our bold claim

A fully flexible
PIM should be the foundation of any best-of-breed ecommerce tech stack.. 

Why? Glad you asked...

First, let's take a look at

What the perfect PIM should allow you to do

It should allow you to

Build any product data model you need without code

Just like building lego.. only for adults.. and with data. Otherwise, just like it πŸ•ΉοΈπŸ€©

Find and manage your products with utmost efficiency

We had a nice run super cluttered spreadsheet... It's not you.. it's us πŸ’”

Track enrichment progress and visualize it any way you want

Because 'Where's Waldo' is a game, not a PIM strategy πŸ“ŠπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Connect your product data to any other system in your arsenal

Because even PIM data likes to socialize. Connect it to your other systems and watch the ecommerce party begin! πŸŽ‰πŸ”„

Automate repetitive tasks and workflows related to PIM

Because life is too short for copy-paste dΓ©jΓ  vu. Let the machines do the mundane and repetitive! πŸ€– πŸ”„

Secure your data by granting the right permissions to the right user

Struct PIM is like an exclusive party where user permissions are granted like VIP passes, and backups are the ultimate data bodyguards. πŸš¨πŸ”

Which leads us to why

Struct PIM exactly fits the bill for a fully flexible, powerful and user-friendly PIM solution

It all comes down to the way it's purposefully built from the ground up to enable businesses to work efficiently and painlessly with product information - all in one central place. Struct PIM is built to be enjoyable to work with. Not only for the day-to-day users. But also developers, who will love working with Struct PIM due to its powerful API's and data accessibility down to each individual attribute.

Explore some of these main features that arguably makes Struct PIM the most powerful PIM in the world.

No-code data modeling

Build any product data model with full flexibility in a no-code interface

Struct PIM has a powerful built-in flexibility that allows you to create any product data model you need in your business. All with a building block-like flexibility without ever having to touch code.

Easy management

Find and manage products and variants with ease

With its advanced search engine and powerful bulk and mass editing abilities, Struct PIM is super fast and enjoyable to work with for any one of your teams involved with product enrichment.

Personalization & reporting

Track enrichment progress with custom dashboards & widgets

With personal or shared dashboards you have the ability to create custom tailored workflows, which helps you increase productivity by keeping everyone on track with the enrichment progress.

Powerful integrations

Connect with any business critical system in your arsenal

Struct PIM connects your product data to any other business critical system in your arsenal, such as ERP’s or E-commerce platforms. Either through our growing list of standard connectors or our REST API.

AI, Automation & Workflow management

Create rule based automations and manage user tasks

Struct PIM gives you the ability to create powerful rule based automations that allow you to build if THIS then THAT logic into your workflows. Offer users full clarity with 'what needs to be done' with powerful task management capabilities.

Security & permissions

Manage access & permissions with full granularity

Struct PIM keeps your product data safe with automatic backups and offers full control of user permissions by allowing you to decide who has access to what, down to single attributes.

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