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Find & manage products and variants

  • Find any product by the single attribute
  • Super efficient product editing workflows
  • Manage products individually or in bulk
Powerful built-in search engine

Searching, finding & managing products is faster than ever with Struct PIM

Granular search filters down to the single attribute

Search and find products or variants by any of their attributes. Powerful multi query searching makes it possible to filter results dynamically

Fully customizable search filters and saved column views

You add any column in your default column view and make it available as a search filter. You can also have multiple saved column views for different search experiences

Advanced bulk editing capabilities

Edit hundreds or even thousands of products and variants simultaneously

Easy bulk editing capabilities

Easily bulk update the same fields across hundreds, even thousands of products using the built-in bulk update experience

Guided bulk editing experience

When bulk editing products in Struct PIM you are guided through the progress in a wizard-like interface where you have full control of what gets changed

Sequential editing

When you need to edit products one by one there's no easier way than this

'One by one' editing made fun

What do you do when you want to update the unique contents of particular fields across many products individually? You turn to sequential editing!

Decluttered editing across many product

The sequential editing experience is completely decluttered and only displays the fields that you chose to edit

Collaborative editing capabilities

Struct PIM has tons of built-in features that makes team collaboration a breeze

Task management with user assignments

Get every team member on the same page with the easy-to-use task management with user assignment capabilities

Comment / chat history on every task

No need to spin up a project management tool just to manage your product related tasks. Just use the many baked-in collaboration friendly features

Revision tracking

Every change made to a product or attribute is logged - including who did it

Full activity log

Every single change is logged. Including what field was changed, the before and after states of the fields and of course who made the change

Timeline overview

Easy to digest timeline overview of all changes made. Displayed in neat chronological order

Change roll back

Easily roll back changes to any previously saved version of a product - review before commitment

Rollback changes

Easily roll back any changes to any previously logged version

Undo human errors

Perfect for undoing errors without the whole blame game

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