Struct PIM Add-on: Supplier

Let your suppliers enrich your product data

  • Let your suppliers or other external collaborators enrich your products
  • Limit permissions down to the attributes
  • Built-in collaborative features
Easy supplier management

Add any number of suppliers and manage their permissions and users in one place

Easy supplier management

Easily create and manage your suppliers from within Struct PIM where you can set up each supplier and assign user accounts for their respective users

Granular control over data permissions

You have powerful control over which product attributes you want your suppliers to enrich for you by setting up attribute templates for each supplier

Supplier portal dashboard

Your users can access the supplier portal with the permissions you granted them

Supplier portal access

Users can access the portal any time to suggest new products or contribute with enrichment content according to the attribute template set up for the supplier

Make a great impression with suppliers

Giving your suppliers access to supplier portal gives them a great impression of your professionalism and it demonstrates that your business is data savvy

Fast collaborative editing

Your supplier users can easily make changes and send them to you for approval

Easy 'no fluff' contribution

The attribute template you set up for each supplier decides what data is required from them during contribution, which they can send for approval

Decluttered editing environment

There are no other fields than what is required from your supplier, which removes any distraction and confusion that might otherwise arise

Approve or decline requests

View the latest supplier data import requests and easily approve or decline

View all approval requests / changes

Inside Struct PIM you can easily view all approval requests and go through all the fields changed by the supplier. Decline or approve changes when ready

Full message / chat history

The handy messaging feature allows you to communicate with the contributors directly within Struct PIM, which eliminates the need for external project management tools

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