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Create automated workflows tailored to your business needs

  • Custom tailored to your teams & users
  • Automate tedious repetitive PIM tasks
  • If THIS then THAT business rule logics
Automate repetitive tasks

Powerful rule based automations that allow you to build if THIS then THAT logic into your workflows

Powerful no-code automations

We call them 'Business rules'. Under the hood, they are lines upon lines of complex code. As a Struct PIM user, all you see is a guided experience with logical building blocks

Triggers, conditions and actions

Trigger: When you decide to optimize your product management. Condition: And only if you settle with Struct PIM. Action: You will win in business and life. Easy to understand, right?

Collaborative task management

Offer users full clarity with 'what needs to be done' with powerful task management capabilities

Task management with user assignments

Get every team member on the same page with the easy-to-use task management with user assignment and product attachment capabilities

Comment / chat history on every task

No need to spin up a project management tool just to manage your product related tasks. Just use the many baked-in collaboration friendly features

Powerful workflow management

Tailor Struct PIM to your exact needs with custom workflows that facilitate efficient collaboration

Defined state transitions on every workflow

Need things like approval states? Or perhaps to limit the transition between certain states? Well, then you'll love the fact that you have full control over state transitions

Full control of workflows

Create one workflow for all products or custom workflows for each specific group of products that might need tailored states. Use states as search filters and dashboard widgets

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