Case study

Stark managed to go from 12.000 to 70.000 products in 100 days

When it was time for Stark Group to choose a new global PIM system, the obvious choice was Struct PIM.

Lene Mølbjerg Larsen

Business Controller

Client background

STARK Danmark is Denmark's leading supplier of building materials, services, and expertise, serving as the go-to partner for professional builders across the country.

Founded in 1896 as a timber yard in Aarhus, STARK Danmark has grown from a single yard to a network of over 80 locations spanning Denmark and Greenland.


For four years, STARK worked on enhancing products for online display on, enriching a total of 12,000 products during this period. Despite this effort, achieving a rapid increase in online product availability remained challenging.

STARK had a strategic goal to significantly expand its online product range to include the entire catalog. Concurrently, the aim was to increase the amount of product information without compromising on quality.

Achieving these goals proved difficult, as even with substantial resources, the speed of product enhancement fell short of what was necessary to meet these objectives within a realistic timeframe. There was also a strong desire to involve suppliers in the enrichment process to boost both the volume and quality of product data.

The solution

Struct PIM allows for cross-product management, enabling the enrichment of products at a significantly faster pace compared to handling each product individually. Tools such as bulk updates and advanced import/export functionalities make a substantial difference.

The combination of advanced search capabilities, which helps us locate the exact products that need attention, and PIM’s tools for managing these products, allows us to swiftly enrich a large volume of products to a very high standard.

We have also integrated with industry databases like Byggebasen and NOBB, allowing us to automatically pull documents from these sources. A simple approval workflow ensures the quality of incoming data.

The supplier portal enables suppliers to participate in the enrichment process, enhancing both the information and data quality. Suppliers can upload data files or input data directly into the portal. Regardless of how the data is submitted, we can review it to ensure it meets our quality standards. If not, we can initiate a dialogue with the supplier directly within the portal.

When it was time for Stark Group to choose a new global PIM system, the obvious choice was Struct PIM.
The system responds incredibly quickly, whether it’s searching or importing large volumes of data.
The dashboard enables us to maintain full control over our product data.
The flexible data model, combined with the user-friendly interface, allows us to independently create new attributes and data areas.
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