Case study

How KOMPAN achieved efficient and pain-free product information management

KOMPAN birds-eye overview

21 websites
50+ PIM users
21 languages

As the world’s largest company in its sector, KOMPAN aims to help its customers create healthier and happier communities by producing the best playground and fitness solutions available. The company also seeks to operate as efficiently as possible. That meant having a flexible and scalable product information management (PIM) system.

Results from using Struct PIM

Strong, well-documented open API's

“The open APIs ensured seamless integration
with KOMPAN’s existing process and system
landscape,” said Michael.

Compressed implementation time

“Implementation went quickly,” said Michael.
“We started the project in October, and we went
live with a fully-functioning PIM in February. It
was a nine-month project that was squeezed
down to just four months.”

More robust reporting

“Struct PIM’s customized reporting dashboard
helps us create a dashboard for each role,”
said Michael. “That lets every user see just
the information they need to see, and with
customizable data rules, the dashboard
presents information in a way that makes it
easy for them to do their work.”

Easy catalog production

“We use Struct PIM to produce our product
catalog,” said Michael. “Instead of using Excel
sheets like in the past, everything we need
is imported directly into Adobe InDesign for
layout and printing.”

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What you should know before choosing a PIM solution

Are you worried about having to switch PIM platforms every now and then? Or worried about outgrowing your current PIM platform down the road? This white paper explores the two main causes that lead to businesses outgrowing their existing PIM platforms.

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