Case study

Alumeco's digital transformation: Achieving seamless product management with Struct PIM

Struct PIM revolutionized our product management, allowing us to deliver enriched, precise product data across all channels swiftly and efficiently.

Kasper Bay Simonsen

Marketing Manager

Client background

Alumeco is a leading supplier of aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, and stainless steel solutions, serving a wide array of industries from construction to engineering and transportation.

Established in 1983, Alumeco has expanded from a Danish-based company to a global player with subsidiaries and partners across Europe and North America.

Known for their extensive product range and customized solutions, Alumeco supports its clients with high-quality materials and expert advice.


Prior to implementing Struct PIM, Alumeco faced significant challenges in managing and enriching product information across their extensive catalog. The company was struggling with:

Fragmented data management: Product information was dispersed across various systems, making it difficult to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Inefficient product enrichment: The manual processes involved in enriching product data were time-consuming and prone to errors, limiting the ability to quickly update and expand the product catalog.

Difficulty in meeting market demands: The growing demand for detailed, high-quality product information across multiple sales channels and regions was putting pressure on existing systems and processes.

The solution

Struct PIM provided Alumeco with a comprehensive solution to these challenges by introducing a centralized, efficient product information management system. The implementation included:

Centralized product information: Struct PIM enabled Alumeco to consolidate product data from various sources into a single, unified platform, ensuring consistency and reducing redundancy.

Accelerated product enrichment: Advanced features like bulk updates, automated workflows, and enhanced import/export capabilities streamlined the product enrichment process. This allowed Alumeco to rapidly update and expand their product offerings with minimal manual effort.

Enhanced data quality and compliance: Automated validation rules and quality checks ensured that all product information met Alumeco's stringent standards before it was published across various channels.

The company can now support its growth and expansion strategies more effectively, providing high-quality product information to their customers and partners worldwide.

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