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One step ahead

At Struct, we are driven by the desire to keep our customers one step ahead of the competition. Our solutions empowers retailers and brands to make their product experiences increasingly engaging and valuable.

The name "Struct"

A "Struct" is a term from the "code world". In addition to the nerdy description, it also comes from “Structure” which is one of the focal points of creating a good e-commerce solution. Everything from creating a good structure to business, organization, IT systems, customers, data etc.

In addition, the name also covers our ability, with our long experience in the industry, to manage and organize the projects in a structured way. And all these traits are crucial to a good PIM - at least we believe so here at Struct.

"A struct in the C programming language is a complex data type declaration that defines a physically grouped list of variables to be placed under one name in a block of memory, allowing the different variables to be accessed via a single pointer, or the struct declared name which returns the same address"


Jacob Kruse

CEO, Partner

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peter melchiorsen


Peter Melchiorsen

COO, Partner

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Mads Brohus

CFO, Partner

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