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Struct PIM & Shopify

Manage your products efficiently across multiple stores with full control and flexibility.

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Take your Shopify e-commerce to the next level with Struct PIM

By popular demand Struct PIM now comes with a built-in Shopify connector. Our partners and clients can now manage their product information across multiple Shopify stores with push button ease, while still enjoying the full flexibility that comes with Struct PIM.

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Unlimited Shopify stores

Easily connect multiple Shopify stores to Struct PIM. Assign the same catalogue to multiple stores or have separate catalogues for each store.

Multiple currencies and prices

Use Shopify's built-in multicurrency feature with Struct PIM. Or have unique pricepoints on each Shopify store. Track profit margin using item cost prices.

Flexible inventory management

Decide if you want to use Shopify's built-in inventory tracking, a 3rd party fullfillment service or to simply not manage inventory at all. Decide on a per store basis.

Granular product data mapping

Powerful product data mapping. You have full flexibility with granular control over which attributes to map to collections, products, variants and even tags.

Frequently asked question

Is Struct PIM the right fit for us?

Struct PIM fits any Shopify powered business in terms of functionality. However, for some Shopify merchants it might not make much sense to use a PIM system at all. Here are some signs that Struct PIM is perfect for you - if you can check at least one of these, we might be a good fit:

Large product catalogues

You have to manage thousands of products and variants across many different categories in the most efficient and scalable way possible.

Presence in multiple markets

You already have an international presence, possibly with separate languages, price terms or even product catalogues in each market.

Complex logistics and inventory

You have a fairly complex logistics setup with multiple inventory locations and perhaps even a 3rd party fullfillment service that you need to manage.

Need to onboard data suppliers

You have several data suppliers that you want to involve in the product enrichment process with full control over who has access to what.


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We would love to give you a personal demo of our powerful Shopify Connector. We also can't wait to show you some of the many cool features of Struct PIM. Here are some of the things we'll cover in a personal demo:

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