Struct PIM & Shopify

When using Struct PIM for Shopify, all your product data it stored in one centralized place. 

As a Shopify user there are many ways you can benefit from a Struct PIM integration. Is Struct PIM already your single source of truth, simply just connect the Shopify integration in order to gain full overview of your solutions. 

The modern consumer is often quite aware of their needs, which require that eCommerce businesses have all the right informations to each and every product. Consumers tend to buy more if all the informations they seek are listed. With a single source of truth you ensure these informations throughout your eCommerce. 

When Struct PIM and Shopify are integrated you can easily reuse all stored product informations from PIM in your online store - in other words, this cooperation lets you do more work with less effort. With the blazingly fast Struct PIM, and the user friendly plug & play solution from Shopify, you've got your eCommerce up and running in no time. 


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