Fast implementation 

Struct PIM is extremely flexible and works well within an agile development process with focus on quickly reaching target objectives

What do we mean by fast implementation? 

At Struct we know that time is of the essence. Therefore one of the competitive advantages of Struct PIM appears in the time aspect. Normally a full implementation can be done within 3 months, and can be implemented to your existing umbraco or CMS solution.


The overall layout of Struct PIM makes it suitable for the majority of companies. Whether it's a small PIM-installation or a large enterprise implementation where millions of item numbers needs to be handled in seconds, Struct PIM can handle the job.


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Easy to use

Built upon the Umbraco CMS, it's easy to edit and content manage your information. There's no need for technical knowledge or abilities here, the user interface is super intuitive for non-developers and non-designers alike.

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Built to scale

Struct PIM works well for the simple implementations as well as large enterprise implementations.

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Experts at hand

Struct is the only PIM provider offering specialist support throughout the entire project.
We're here to make you look good!

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Struct PIM 

The complete PIM solution to manage your data with ease.

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