Let your suppliers enrich your Struct PIM

With the Struct Supplier add-on you grant your suppliers permission to enter valid information about their products - directly into your PIM. 

The Struct supplier add-on is designed to let your suppliers enrich you with the needed product information. In addition to providing you with the newest information, suppliers can propose new products for your business. 

The supplier add-on to Struct PIM makes it easier, and faster, for your business to collect the right product information, cutting out the time consuming back and forth communication.

From here you cut out all of the manually recurring errors from numerous spreadsheets, you cut out the process of converting the data received from suppliers reducing your workload. On the other hand you increase the supplier data quality, your time to market with the right information and perhaps the ability to expand your product portfolio by carrying more products from numerous suppliers. Get the most out of Struct PIM with Struct Supplier!

With Struct Supplier you can


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