Swedish retailer Paradiset, has combined Struct PIM and Shopify in their successful launch of the e-commerce site paradiset.com.

Customer background

Paradiset is a large provider of healthy products in Sweden. The company was founded in 2015 by Johannes Cullberg with the vision of making it easier to buy healthy products.

Paradiset in Sweden is continually working to make its customers' workday more manageable and more efficient. They provide a wide selection of the most in-demand products for professional construction.

"Although your product data can be numerous, large and complex, it does not have to be tough and complex to handle!" This is one of the messages from Joe Kennedy, COO at the Swedish retailer Paradiset, who has combined Struct PIM and Shopify in their successful launch of the e-commerce site paradiset.com.

Challenges - Joe Kennedy, COO explains:

“We need to complete a transformation and business reset, where we supplement our physical stores with an e-commerce site, where we must have complete control of all our product data in both front and back end… ” 

This was the challenge when Paradiset in the autumn of 2020 searched for a solution that could form the basis of an e-commerce launch - and in the longer term could be scaled with the desired growth and the number of products that were planned to increase continuously:



"There is nothing that can dull processes like wrong product data. We therefore needed a system that ensured that we had control of data in our front end, and which at the same time was easy to work with for us in the backend"

"Paradise wanted a one source system that could be integrated with the Shopify store we had chosen, where we were specifically searching for a PIM solution. “We searched the market and got demos from several but chose to continue working with Struct because we liked Struct PIM and had a good experience with their way of helping us implement the system. In addition, Struct PIM had good references, and were able to handle our complex product data without making it complex for us as users to handle them.”

Extremely satisfied users and managers

Joe Kennedy notes that both the management and user level at Paradiset are extremely satisfied with the chosen combination of Shopify and Struct PIM:

"We are very happy with the integration between the two systems. It was a requirement for us to be able to get started quickly and get the site launched with the precise product data within a few months. Many other companies, like ours, would be able to do the same thing successfully and gather their data in one controlled place if they chose the same combination. It ensures us an updated front end and an opportunity to respond quickly to even the smallest errors in product data," he says.

"Go for it…."

There is a clear and positive answer from Paradise's COO if you ask him what he would say to other companies that are looking for a PIM solution:- Go for it…., he says and continues:- Struct PIM up against a Shopify solution has a very short learning curve where people quickly and easily learn to use the system. This applies both to everyday users and to those of us who are super users of our Shopify and Struct PIM, because we need to be able to extract data. It is flexible and very logical to work with the solution, as it is easy to both insert and extract data in and out of the system.

#1 User-friendly PIM System

Engage your customers by delivering the right product information at the right time.

CTO Simon Lyder, Struct, on the collaboration with Paradiset:

"It has been an exciting task for Struct to help Swedish Paradiset with the launch of a large e-commerce solution that combines a Shopify store with our Struct PIM. Paradiset.com initially went live with 3000 products, where Struct PIM made it easy for Paradiset, along with the suppliers, to enter the necessary and correct product data as soon as possible. In this way, our solution helped the customer to maintain the short time-to-market horizon.- The customer wants to scale the business and feels that Struct PIM integrated with a Shopify store can help.

The solution is therefore an agile and future-proof solution for Paradise, because it is a setup that can be scaled. At the same time, we have received positive feedback from Paradiset, which highlights, that it is a simple and intuitive system that is easy for users to access.- With a task like this, where we contribute to a transformation from physical shop to both physical shop and digital e-commerce, we deliver value with Struct PIM for the customer quickly. At the same time, we make it simple for the customer to use the solution before, during and after the launch."

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