Case study

How KOMPAN achieved efficient and pain-free product information management

Last Updated: April 15 2023

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What's inside?

In this exclusive case study, we delve into the core issues that led KOMPAN, the industry leader in playground and fitness solutions, to seek a game-changing solution. 

Discover how the world's largest playground and fitness solutions company transformed its operations with Struct PIM!

Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • Explore the challenges faced by KOMPAN due to its failing, customized PIM solution and an unresponsive provider.

  • Learn how Struct PIM stepped in as the savior, offering a flexible, scalable, and code-free solution designed to meet KOMPAN's needs.

  • Discover how Struct PIM compressed the implementation timeline, turning a nine-month project into just four months of efficient progress.

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