Struct PIM Partner Day was a success

Last Updated: March 2 2023

On March 1st 2023 we successfully hosted the first ever Struct PIM Partner Day.

It’s no secret that the community of Struct PIM partners, developers and experts has been growing rapidly during the last years.

For that reason, we’ve been longing to do something like this for quite some time, where we gather the community of partners for a day of inspiration and networking.

So when we had an opening and opportunity to finally make it happen we decided to move quickly.

The turnout was great despite the short notice and the fact that this was the first ever formalization of the event, and therefore an entirely new thing to consider for most of our partners.


What was it all about?

After the initial welcome and introductions courtesy of Struct CEO Jacob Kruse, the Struct Customer Success Team took the stage to briefly discuss the latest developments with sales and marketing, price updates and shared a few insights on the integration and connector strategy.

Struct CTO Simon Lyder then took the stage for a live demonstration of some of the latest exciting features that came with the release of Struct PIM version 3.11.

Simon demonstrated features like:

Business rule engine

Think along the lines of: if this, then that.

Task management

With due dates, assignments and the whole shebang.

Dynamic categories

Instead of adding products to categories manually, what if you could dynamically categorize products based on the search conditions of a dynamic category.

Variant grouping

Variant grouping will be introduced as an added layer that groups together variants based on particular defining attributes shared across multiple groups of variants within a product. A big one for fashion and lifestyle brands.

And a Secret feature!

Besides demonstrating the above already announced new features in 3.11, Simon also decided to offer a sneak peek demonstration of an entirely new never-before-seen feature in Struct PIM!

Unfortunately, we can’t share any further details at this point, but expect to hear more during Q2, 2023.

Let’s just say that if attendees weren’t already on the edge of their seats up until this point, they definitely were after this segment! 🤩


Who was it for?

The invitations were exclusively sent to partners and their employees as this was a partner-only event.

Among attendees were developers, sales associates and PIM experts working at our partner companies.



On March 1st 2023 we successfully hosted the first ever Struct PIM Partner Day.

It’s safe to say that we now plan on turning this into an annually recurring event, so that we keep improving it each year, making sure that it is valuable to our partners to attend.

If you are an employee of one of our partners and didn’t have the opportunity to participate this year, please write our Partner Sales Specialist Per Orloff Poulsen directly at [email protected] and mention that you’d like to attend next year.

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