Struct PIM now integrates with Umbraco Commerce

Last Updated: July 4 2023


The connector enables a seamless, guided mapping of product and variant properties between Struct PIM and Umbraco Commerce.

There are 3 main steps to setup a fully working integration:

Step 1: Setup your Struct PIM API credentials
Step 2: Map your data models
Step 3: Map your store data sources

And that’s it! Watch the process in action in the video below.

What is Umbraco Commerce?

Perhaps you have already heard the recent news about the release of Umbraco Commerce.

If you haven’t, here’s the scoop:

A while back Umbraco (the super flexible CMS system) announced their acquisition of Outfield Digital, the company behind Vendr, one of the most successful ecommerce packages in the Umbraco ecosystem.

Created and maintained by Matt Brailsford, Vendr existed for years before the acquisition, where it has been tried, tested and used by many businesses worldwide.

With the acquisition of Outfield Digital and, along with it, Vendr, Matt Brailsford joined Umbraco as the Commerce Team Lead.

Vendr was relaunched as Umbraco Commerce and Matt and his team will continue to make sure that it is always maintained, supported and compatible with the latest versions of the Umbraco CMS.

Vendr will of course continue to exist for Umbraco versions 8, 9 and 10, but will not be updated with any new features, except security patches and bug fixes.

A quick glance at the Umbraco roadmap reveals some super exciting upcoming features for Umbraco Commerce!

But make no mistake, Umbraco Commerce is already jam packed with cool features that empowers businesses to create and manage simple and sophisticated online stores with ease.

Some of the key features of Umbraco Commerce are:

✅ Slick order management UX
✅ Run sales, campaigns, and loyalty programs
✅ Built-in dashboards and analytics
✅ Integrations with popular 3rd-party payment providers
✅ Seamless, on-brand, checkout flows
✅ Multi-market support
✅ Easy to manage order / dispatch email notification templates

.. and much more!

Learn more about Umbraco Commerce here




In conclusion, the integration of Struct PIM with Umbraco Commerce opens up new possibilities for businesses seeking a powerful and seamless e-commerce solution. With the connector plugin, mapping product and variant properties between Struct PIM and Umbraco Commerce becomes a guided and effortless process. By following three simple steps, businesses can set up a fully working integration.

Umbraco Commerce, the result of Umbraco's acquisition of Outfield Digital and Vendr, offers a flexible CMS system combined with a successful e-commerce package. Led by Matt Brailsford, Umbraco Commerce provides a range of exciting features, such as slick order management, sales and loyalty programs, built-in analytics, and integrations with popular payment providers. Businesses can create and manage simple or sophisticated online stores with ease, thanks to its user-friendly interface and on-brand checkout flows.

To explore the full potential of Struct PIM's integration with Umbraco Commerce, watch the video on this page and discover how this collaboration can empower your e-commerce endeavors.

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