Introducing: Our new integrations hub

Last Updated: December 31 2022

When we talk to potential new clients, one of the first questions we typically get is whether Struct PIM integrates with their preferred stack of platforms.

In most cases, there is an easy and simple answer to this:

If a platform offers any kind of integration capability, typically through a Rest API, then yes, Struct PIM can absolutely be integrated with it.

It all comes down to the individual business case.

Over the years we have worked on lots of integrations to many of the leading platforms that our clients and partners use in their day to day operations.

We have decided to collect them all in a central area on

Our integration hub lists some of the most popular platforms we currently integrate with.

And the list is growing each month, so be sure to check back again soon or get in touch in case you would like to suggest an integration.

Read along for a quick tour of the integration hub.



Where to find the integration hub

You can navigate to the integration hub through the top menu link “Integrations” which opens up a mega menu.

Here you can either select a category to browse or you can click See all integrations, which will take you to the main page where you can browse through all categories and integrations.



Here is a direct link to all categories featured in our integration hub:

ERP & POS systems

E-commerce platforms

CMS platforms

DAM solutions


Advertising channels

Print & catalog solutions

Search & personalization

Data orchestration & automation

Workflows & collaboration

Each of the integrations listed links to its own page that contains further details about the particular integration. Let’s take our Shopify integration as an example.



In the first section called Integration details, you can get the following key details about the integration:

- Name

- Category

- Website link

- Integration type (Can be one of the following: Connector, API based or a Built-in extension).



The next section is called Integration highlights. It goes through the main features and benefits of the integration and how it works.

In some cases when it comes to more complex API based integrations, this section might also offer a few highlights on how an integration could work based on the available API documentation of both platforms.

So in this case, by glancing over this page we learn that our Shopify integration is of the Type: Connector.

And we also get a better idea of how the Shopify integration works.



What if my preferred platform is not listed?

Do you have a use case for a platform or system that is not yet listed in our integration hub?

Well, then let us know, so we can look into the possibilities.

We will of course keep you updated along the way.

NOTE: In some cases we might even have a ready-to-use integration, but have simply not had the time to reflect it in our integration hub yet.

Either way, get in touch and we’ll get you up to speed.




The Struct PIM integration hub is a great resource for especially new potential clients and partners that might wonder whether or not Struct PIM integrates with some of their go-to systems and platforms.

All Struct PIM integrations are listed in a categorized overview. Clicking on an integration takes you to its detail page for further details.

We keep adding new integrations as our clients and partners run into particular needs.

Want to know more?

Find out how Struct PIM can help you and your business.


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